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Jealous of Teachers attention


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I have this professor...we used to flirt, give eachother looks, exchange emails late on weekend nights, etc. Over the course of a year our relationship slowly developed into something closer (or so I thought).


Well, there came a point when I was feeling overloaded, thinking about dropping out. I eventually withdrew from everything to take a breather. Well, she emailed me about some study info...to make a long story short: I declined, she acted strange/sad, I told her she was a friend and she ignored me (not even making eye contact). It only took her a few days to find someone else to flirt with, in front of me nonetheless.


I find it strange however, that her attitude towards me keeps fluctuating from flirting, to ignoring...somewhat black and white. She either has some mental issues or is blantantly using me for an ego boost. Whatever the case, she had came on to me more than a few times, suggetsing lunch and such. I blew my shot and she moved on to someone else.

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I'm sorry but I think it is a bit exploitive for a teacher to be hitting on her students, especially when they are younger and depending on her for a grade. It seesm manipulative to me, and it seems even more manipulative when she played that otehr guy against you. I don't think she has your best interest at heart.

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