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She won't stop flirting with me and i want to forget her!

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Hi all


There is a female that i did like at my uni and i actually hinted very heavily to her that i liked her and she definitely got the message. On one of my obvious compliments to her she said its 'impossible' too which i replied 'what do u mean impossible?' and then she replied saying 'its watever u want it to mean'. She then said that 'i did this on the train journey aswell' (very obvious flirting eg. me saying stuff like 'ur very attractive and i think whoever will get u will be very lucky'. I took all her reply as being its 'impossible' as a hint she definitely wasn't interested and i got over her (painful but i am over it now). She is 27 and i am 21. This all happened 6 months ago.


Now i feel a little embarrassed talking to her. The problem is that on msn she initiates a conversation which started yesterday with


'hi happy valentines day'

'hope ur ok'

'got to go now '


xxxx (kisses)

smiley face she inserted


she then went on to say 'don't go breaking too many hearts today'. She also a month back invited me to go see a movie with her too which i rejected.


My problem is i am over her now and it was very painful to realise that she rejected me before. So evrytime these conversations come up it brings back bad embarrassing memories.


What does she mean and why is she doing this (knowing that she has rejected me?)


Please comment girls i need ur help!!!!!!

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times and people change... maybe she had a situation 6 months ago where she couldn't date you (a boyfriend etc.). and maybe you misunderstood her rejection since you didn't actually ask her out...


the difference between a person who is a failure and one who is a success is someone who keeps on trying no matter what, picks up and moves on if they get rejected. so getting rejected (or thinking you were rejected) shouldn't be such a big deal in your mind... try to have more self confidence, and say to yourself, so what? look what she's missing!!! or oh well, i gave it a shot and it didn't work out, so i'll just dust myself off and move along.


so what do you really want to do? do you want to go to the movies with her? if you do, then go. don't let something that happened 6 months ago stop you from living your life. people's lives and circumstances change, and you shoudl evaluate whether you want to spend time with her on what is going on now, not some conversation that happened a long time ago.


and if you decide she no longer appeals to you, then just stop responding to her contacts, or tell her you aren't interested...


rejection is a part of the dating process, and best for you to learn to take it in stride... everybody gets rejected, and usually many times, but the ones who learn to just say, oh well, and not let it get to them are more open to dating and new opportunities, with the same person or with someone else...

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Situations like these are always tricky. First of all are you sure you took her 'impossible' in the right way? Maybe she was kidding around or implying something else. It doesnt really matter though cause your over it, so there is no point pondering over it unless you are willing to have a straight forward conversation about what went on and what is going on now.


People are attracted to other differently. My last boyfriend wasnt into me at all first when we met and I had this huge crush on him. By the time he started to have feelings for me I felt I had moved on and was over him. I felt guilty though, cause I initated the idea of us being together months before. We dated for some time, but it was never a good relationship. It was really rocky, I didnt want to be in it no matter how much I tried to convince myself. He ended up cheating on me due to my lack of enthusiasm. Reason for this story is to deter you from starting anything up with this woman....If your over her your over her. Dont look back.


If there are some risidual feelings on your part, I'm not saying there are, only you know that, then I think you deserve to find out whats going on with this girl. If shes just a flirt be done with her. If she says she is attracted to you then ask her to give it a go.


The best advice I can give to you is to talk to her if you feel you need clarifying or move on if you dont want to date her at all. There's no use letting her play games with your mind!


I hope you figure this out, I too have a person playing mind games with me and I know how frustrating and agravating it can be! Good Luck!

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