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Her odd behavior

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This girl I know (A diffrent one) has been acting weird toward me lately. We were kindda cool last year since she would allways laugh at me and stuff and we would talk alittle and I would mess with her in a playful way. On the first day of school, I see her and I say 'hey whats up' and she says 'hey how are you doing?' Well we shair the same class this year but she sits ahead of me and faces me. (The tables are round.) Well after the 1st day, whenever I'd say hi to her, she just either says nothing or says hi in a unhappy way. Thing is, today, the teacher used her as an example and you know how the class looks at the example. (I was too) But when I looked at her, she gave me a long 30 second stair and even if I turned my head and looked back at her, she was still stairing. All I want to know is if she's mad at me or dose she have something else in mind...

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hmm that seems odd ...


Maybe something is going on with her to make her less happy or even shy (injured confidence?).


Also when she was up in front of the room did she look angry or more scared, maybe if she looked worried or scared she was just that, and she was looking at you because she has to look somewhere and you are probably one of the more "safe" things in the room.


Don't know the girl so this is my best guess.


I would say ask her if there is something she wants to talk about if it continues.


Just my guesses.

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