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Good Idea...or bad idea?


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I posted in an earlier post that I asked a girl out and she said sure, but I would just need to pick when. We haven't got on a date yet, but I had a friend call me and ask if I wanted to go on a double date with him. I said yes, but would this be a bad idea, if I thought of going with someone else on a different date, even we haven't had one yet?

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If she already knows your buddy and/or his date, I think it would be ok. Might even take some of those "first-date" jitters away, since there'd be some other friendly faces there and other people to help keep conversation flowing.


If she doesn't know either your buddy or his date, I'd pass on the idea until you've gone out with her a few times. Going out with 3 people you don't know very well can be a daunting prospect for most people. (Some very social types might like it, I guess...) Wait until you've got some sort of relationship established with her before your spring your friends on her.

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