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Wife took my kids on Saturday. Won't tell me where she is.


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My wife kicked me out of the house back in October. Since then we were discussing divorce and trying to work out the details on that. Since I moved out, we were taking turns with the kids. I would watch the kids while she worked, and vice vers and we would alternate weekends, etc... I didn't suspect anything strange would happen. On Friday I called her and told her I'd watch the kids on Sat. and that my mom wanted to take my son to the movies in the morning. When I went over on Sat somethign seemed wrong as there were no lights on and my son usually opens the door for me when he is expecting me. I used a spare key and went inside and found a note saying she couldn't stand living in the same city as me anymore and was moving and at some point in the future would contact me to let me know the kids were safe...


I've been trying to call her cell phone this whole last week and she won't answer. I send text messages and i get short responses back telling me thngs like "we r ok, stop bothering us" ....


So I have no idea where in the country they are, where they are living, who they are with, etc...


Police and social services are no help sicne they said the kids are with their mother they are not kidnapped...


What the heck in the world can I do???? I suspect they left the state and went either to New Hapshire (where her dad is) or to West Virginia (where a friend) is but no one at either of those places will answer my phone calls.


Not sure what I can do to find my kids and get them back!!!

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I called a lawyer and he said I have a big problem though as we don't know where she or the kids are. We're not even divorced and haven't filed yet.. The lawyer said he can't serve her with papers if she is missing..


Yeah if they can't find her they can't serve her papers.

What about police though? that is kidnapping, yes she's the mother, but your thier father & your have rights to see your children too.

wow I am so sorry...that must be soooo hard. I'd try the police.

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Problem is, people who don't follow the "rules" are always harder to track down. The laws work well against the honest people but fall short of catching the slippery ones.


I'd say no matter what you do through the police, keep up your own search as any info you gather can be used by whatever legal means at your disposal. You know her best so you have a better chance than most at figuring out where she went at this point. The authorities likely won't put a whole lot of effort into it at this point unless you can convince them that somebody is at danger.

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Hire a private detective. They are amazingly good at finding people. You've received text messages back from her - get your lawyer to subpeona the phone company records. They'll know what cell phone tower was used to transmit the messages.


Once you file for divorce she'll need to return with the children to your state. Otherwise she WILL be in trouble.

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