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"He" and I had an affair. (Mainly emotional) I wanted out of it and he would have let it go on and on probably till one of us died. It went on for several years. Since being out, I am regaining my -self back, but...I can't help but wonder.


Can he be missing me? Will he realize that I am a good person wanting to live "right". I didn't want a friendship or relationship based on lies and deciet.


I do miss him everyday. But is it just the process of breaking a habit of an affair or was it truly something other than that?


I know time heals and I suppose if it was/is true love between the two of us, we will maybe one day find our way back to each other.


We are both married and the affair was not do-able at all for me. I walked away and am moving on with my day to day life.

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it took my husband over a year to finally get over his affair partner...and i'm sure on occasion he still thinks about her...they had more of an emotional bond than a physical one but they were connected...she has divorced and has a new boyfriend so i think that helped him realized she has moved on and what they shared wasn't the end all be all love relationship he thought it might be.



i think it will take time for you to get over the affair b/c you shared a special bond and it lasted a while. the best thing is to have no contact and do what you are doing...here is a link that is very informative about affairs/breakup and marriages....check it out...good luck!


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