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mew! (testament to a future cat-lady) -- a rant of loneliness and nothing more.


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"i have a bad habit of liking pretty-boys; the angelic greek-god-like type with cut-stone cheekbones and lucid blue eyes. the ones that would look as at home in a magazine ad lolling in a wheat field as they would scrolling thru an ipod on my dog-hair-covered couch."


Very often, what we need isn't what we want. You are dismissing the boy next door. That cute but raw-boned towhead that most people don't look twice at, the guy that looks like every other guy on the street. Very often, this is the guy who also has the soul of a hopeless romantic. He would love to come up behind his lady and just hold her tight, smelling the scent that is HER. He has a heart as big as the whole outdoors, but no one knows that because he's a bit on the shy side.


Very often, the search for Mr. or Mrs. Right leads us out into the world, and back to the sweet person next door...good luck.

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oh my gosh, i am laughing so hard right now because you are sooooo NOT old... and it sounds like you want to star in a southern gothic romance novel...


how is the rest of your life going? job? school? sometimes we feel incredibly lonely because life feels unfulfilling in general, and romance becomes SO important because there is nothing else interesting going on in life. then we expect romance to be the be all and end all. romance is great, but so are lots of other things in life, and you should be out there enjoying as much of it as you can, especially while you are young and NOT tied down by a family...


so don't just wait for Prince Charming to ride into town... make a list of everything you'd like to do in life, besides just romance, and start living them, one by one.

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i want that one-body, some-body who may not exist, but i see him all the same when i close my eyes and dare to imagine.


Well you may think you want a Ferrari, but that's only because you've never seen an Aston Martin.

Or some such soundbite. I think you get my point though.

You sound like a lady who's got a nice surprise coming to her somewhere along the line. Someone who is BETTER than your imaginary friend. But maybe not in the way you might think.


There are men out there that are good looking and caring.

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