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While i lay here,

Alone and crying,

Knowing that without you,

These tears would mean i'm dying.


Hearing your voice,

On that phone i'm holding,

Wishing i could look into your eyes,

So you could see me unfolding.


The secrets and lies,

I've tried to leave behind.

The lonliness,

I've tried so hard to hide.


This heart thats still pounding,

These tears that want stop falling,

This heart thats still breaking,

Yet its your name i keep on calling.


Why do you still answer,

Why do you hear my cries,

Will you always see,

I'm not just telling lies.


Don't let me go,

Keep those arms around me,

Don't let me break,

Just let me be.


See now with you by my side,

Oh hunny i got nothing to hide,

Love you more,

For you see my inner core.


Thankyou for everything.

I'll never let you go,

Forever i'll dream,

And never will you know.


You helped me more,

Then you can see,

Its because of you.

I am ME!

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