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Sorry this is a long story, I'd just really like some input! Much appreciated.

I'm crushing on this girl...and she sent me signals, I SWEAR she did, but I can't tell if they are just overly friendly signals or romantic ones and if she's interested in me. She definitely isn't a typical kind of girl...she's a very independent on-her-own kind of girl, I knew that from the very start, and then she told me herself. To describe her looks very "flower child" like (plus she is a florist, you'll soon find out) and wears baggy jeans, usually a toque, and has tattoos and a nose piercing. I met her last week. I just got a new job at a grocery store, but I was training at a different store location of the same company (for some odd reason). I trained there for 3 days...anyhow, she works there, as the floral girl...and she's only been there a few weeks. So as I was training during the 3 days, I would look up and often catch her looking at me, and when we'd make eye contact we'd both smile, and she would ALWAYS say hi, or mouth "hi" if she was far away. This happened fairly often.

On my 2nd day there I decided to talk to her...I knew she knows my dad cause he works for the same company and used to do the flowers so I asked her if she'd been trained by him, so we got to talking about that and she figured out I was his daughter, etc. so that gave us stuff to talk about.

Then, on my last day of training there I was like okay...it's my last day, I gotta initiate something here! I went up and started talking to her again on my break and she mentioned how she had recently moved here, and so I asked her why and she said she had "met someone" and of course it was a man but she didn't say that for a while, she kept calling him "someone" for the longest time, and all she would say about him was how much she needed to get out of this relationship (she had nothing nice to say about it/him). Well anyway, I went back to work...and I was off at 5, and I still had about a half hour to wait for my ride. I wanted to find her and say bye and possibly talk some more to her, but she was no where to be found! I was like oh no, she must have left! So I was like well whatever, I'll go to the eating area and sit and wait. I went over there, and there she was sitting all by herself...I was so happy! I walked nearby, and made eye contact with her and she waved me over, I went asked her if she was on her break, and she said she was off, but just sitting having something to drink. Then she told me to sit with her. We talked for about 20 minutes. Now, here are where the big signals that confuse me come in:

We were just talking about work and normal stuff, and I made her laugh a lot and we'd be smiling and laughing and we'd be staring into each others' eyes for longer than normal (it happened quite a few times, and also when we were working)...and I wouldn't know what to do so I would look away and blush, smile, and sorta giggle. Then she goes, "I want to see a movie tonite" and I was just like oh okay? lol I didn't really know what she meant, she said it so suddenly so she went and grabbed a newspaper and was looking through the movie sections and all until she came accross horoscopes, so she asked me what mine was and read it to me (it was sooo cute!). But what gets me is she just LOOKS right into my eyes for an eternity and it's very very romantic-like. She's a few years older than me...I'm 20, she's 24. I had told her people think I look younger than I am and she said, "No! you look your age totally!" which, in this situation, made me feel good haha. Well anyway, I ended up getting her number (my excuse was that she could possibly learn some stuff about florists from my dad lol!) and she said I could call her anytime. I haven't yet...I might go back to the store and see her. So what do you think?! Could she be interested in me or not? Again, sorry about the length, I hope some of you can help me out!

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So I called her today! Got her voicemail, so I left a message asking her to call me back, and she did! We talked for about 10 minutes just about work and life and such...she broke it off with her boyfriend (wow that was fast!) and moved into her own place. Then when we were about to say our goodbyes she told me to "call anytime" and I said I would, and then told her we should get together sometime and she agreed. I obviously won't call her back again too soon...I'm so glad I got to talk to her though! Still can't tell if she's interested or not, she gives me such vibes.

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Alright! So update:

I went to visit her today, and I walked up to her and we began talking, just small talk and how's everything and all, and then she gave me a flower! She was just like 'here' and handed it to me. Aww it was sooo cute. Oh, and she complimented my hair...said it looked nice, which was sweet of her. I was with my friend too but she was shopping around mostly while I talked to her...then she said she needed to go to the back to get more flowers and asked if I wanted to go with her...so I went with her and my friend came and we kept talking, and then we were about to leave, and I asked her if she wanted to get together and she said yes and to give her a call. Yay! My friend thinks she's totally interested in me too, so I've got some hope. Hehe I'm so happy.

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sorry haven't updated for a while! what happened was i called her and left a message, but she didn't return my call. so i was like hmm i wonder what's going on because that is completely unlike her. so i waited a few days and still hadn't heard from her so i tried again, this time she answered and she was speaking softly- she had been at home all this time because she got all four wisdom teeth removed. and that's why she hadn't called me back, she said. then she said she would call me back later when she was feeling better and had time, but i hadn't heard from her for a while. well, today i was with my friend and we went to *her* store today and i saw her and she was all nice and all and told me she just got bumped to full time (don't worry, i know she's telling the truth because she told my dad too right in front of me- my dad works with the same company as us, haha) so she's been working TONS. no wonder...but i talked to her a bit, not about much. but who knows what might happen. that's the update, nothing too special. but if something happens or we hang out i'll post!!

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