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I want to get lost

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I Want To Get Lost

But It’s Always Time To Go


She Watches Me With New Fresh Eyes

I Stare As Her Sunglow Skintone Melts Into The Bed


Is This What Love Is Supposed To Be?

I’m Not Afraid Anymore To Ask Her Any Question, So I Raise My Hand

Shes Stop The Earth Just To Listen To Me

I Didn’t Know How Important It Feels To Be Important


Some People Make You Feel Like You’re At Home

While Others Make You Feel All Alone


Love Is Not That Complicated

Find The One Who Makes You Feel Youthful, Find The One That Makes You Feel Alive


I Found My Bestfriend At Target Buying Me Body Wash And Deodorant

I Found My Love Trying To Hide What She Feels In The Living Room.

If My Heart Was The Bass It Would Go Boom

My Bestlove Knows What I Am, And Wants Me To Become What Im Supposed To Be, Because She Believes In Me


What A Concept?

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