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Disclaimer: If you do not want to wake up from a dreamy onesided crush or you enjoy being obsessed with a stranger read no further. Ladies I am sorry for this post


The rush of hormones when you see a beautiful girl sending you into a roller coaster ride of uncertainities, time waste and yearning hearts is not uncommon among young men. But have you ever thought how that girl looks when she gets up in the morning with no make up, smelly mouth and dry saliva on cheeks. The think how she would be in the toilet while answering the call of nature, stinky faarts and residues of faeces because she did not wipe properly. Think how she smells when she is flowing like a river during her periods. Think of all those reddened napkins below the silky lingerie. This is reality and all women have these. Now see if you like her less and probably move on with your life. Sorry if I spoiled your dreams.

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