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how do I help my friend?

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My friend, who is female, has been going out with this guy since christmas and in the month and a half, he has had a woman stay the night 5 times. Not the same woman mind you. Here's what I know:

Women involved A=my friend; B= his ex/friend; C= another friend; D= a new girl.


C stayed the night a month ago. B stayed the following Thursday. C stayed the whole weekend 2 weeks ago. C was over there at his house late last wednesday. D probably slept with him this past friday. A was over ther most of the day Saturday and Sunday, but, Monday, she decided that she had enough and decided to leave him alone.

A has tried but couldn't leave him alone each of the previous times and insists that she is done, but she keeps checking up on him and wanting him to call, but she says she won't talk to him.


What can I do to help her stay away from this destructive behavior?

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I know exactly what your saying because I have a friend just like this. I've tried sooo many times to help her and you can't. You have to let her make her own mistake on this one. Don't try to force her to do anything, you couldn't risk your friendship with her. Just be there for her because eventually she will get hurt and hopefully she'll learn from that. Be there for her when he leaves.

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