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Ovary Transplants

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That's a really interesting subject. Personally, I think it would be wonderful for those women who really wanted children but couldn't have them.


My cousin had to have her ovaries removed when she was 9 years old due to cancer. Now she's 36 and would have loved to have her own children, but she recently adopted and loves the child as if it were her own and wouldn't trade her daughter for anything now.


So, if a woman really wanted to have her own children, and adopting wouldn't be enough, then I would say it would be great for them.

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I think it's up to the women themselves (and their partners) to decide what's best for them, so I suppose it should be an option for them.


However, personally when I hear things like this, I can't help but think of how many needy children are already on this Earth and want nothing more than the love of a parent. I would hope some of these people would consider adoption as well.


I'm pretty sure that even though I can have my own, I will probably adopt at some point in my life.



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