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Hm, a week of NC, she breaks it..

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So my gf of almost 2 years broke NC just now.. and Im kinda confused. She dumped me and at first I was crushed, calling her, begging her to take me back. I am just now starting to feel better, but she just broke NC. She texted me and called me, but I ignored it. I don't know if I really want to talk to her because then it might bring back old feelings.. Should I just ignore it? Part of me wants to show her that I am much better though.. Ughh

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Hey INH-


I think you should first ask yourself why you want to contact her and what you want to come from the contact. Is there anything deeper than wanting to show her you are better? That's not a very good reason in my opinion and will likely set your healing process back somewhat. There's no need to show her anything, you are better to show yourself by actually being better...


You said you were feeling better not talking to her, so take that fact into account here as well. Unless you have surety in the conviction in your heart to contact her, I'd say stick to the path you originally chose and stay away a while longer...

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