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More than friends?


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Not sure if this is in the right spot, but here goes...


It started out as a holiday fling over 2 years ago. We both did the Europe back-packer thing for the next 2 years but travelling with separate friends. We kept in touch the whole time by email, phone and we managed to meet up for a few days here and there. After awhile it got a bit too hard to keep up the romantic side of things so we continued to stay in touch just as friends.

We are now back in the same country for good. He has a girlfriend now but we’ve been chatting on IM nearly everyday and he is planning to come see me in 2 weeks.

I am assuming we are just friends now but he is very flirty on messenger and he is not bringing her when he comes to see me.


I am pretty sure I still have feelings for him. Does it seem to you that he is still interested?I feel bad if he is ‘cause of the girlfriend. So how do I suss it out with out coming accross as desperate or being a boyfriend stealer? I think he knows I still like him but I am trying to play it cool…



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thanks Steven.

I've known he has a girlfriend for about 3mths now. H enever brought it up until i asked how his love life was..

I don't think they've been together much longer than that.

the other twist to the tale is that she is from europe and is only in the country for a few months. at this stage i don't think she plans to get a permanent visa and i don't think he is planning to live in europe...

i am not one to chase boys (esp. when they have a girlfriend!!) so i think i will take your advice and wait for it to unravel...my strategy thus far has been to keep up the communication in a light friendly manner, be a little flirty and cheeky.


i suppose when he comes to visit, if he comes alone it will be a good chance to see if there is still any attraction

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