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Any special Valentine's Day stories on here?

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Well, let's hear it on this clichee thread.


Did you meet the love of your life on Valentine's day, or has that day carried any special significance for you in your current relationship - or is it just marketing hype - or really Single Awareness Day (SAD) where you just fell left out when you see all the happy couples out there?


Last year, I've had a first date in a very, very, long time right on Valentine's Day. Although it didn't go anywhere it had been a few years since I went out with anyone even on a 'friendship' level - but it was cool to have an ice-breaker. Think the concept is badly clicheed.


Anyway, has anything special happened, share your romantic story.

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Last year for V day, I was very lonely because I had just moved out here. I went for a drive up the coast and that cheered me up.


The year before, for V day, I went out of town with my ex and that was the beginning of the end because that weekend was the first time I realize I had lost my feelings for my ex.


This V day, I have school, clinicals, and water aerobics class. Nothing really fun and interesting. No guy in my life.

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Four years ago I was given roses and a confession on Valentine's Day twice by the same guy. Once through a delivery and the second time in person in a room full of people that knew both of us hence I was very uncomfortable.


For the last three years I was stuck either in class, studying for a midterm or had some project to work on. Last year's was the busiest as I was in meetings from morning to night for school.


This year... I actually have no classes.. just some studying to do ... again.

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My ex bf (in college) told me he didnt have enough money to buy me anything, which I was okay with. Well, a couple days after V-day, I came back to my apartment from being at home and he had filled my apartment with roses. He had a bad habit of leaving my kitchen cabinets open, and he knew it bothered me. So, when I walked into the kitchen, I saw all the cabinets were open. I started closing them, and there was a post-it on one that said "before you get mad that i left the cabinets open, you might want to have a poptart" Behind the poptarts was a box that contained earrings. It was really sweet, because I wasnt expecting it.

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Well, V Day is also our anniversary... so it's always been an experience to celebrate... today I arrived to the office to find a gorgeous bunch of roses on my desk and a handsome BF smiling at me all goofy and in love... it's great!!! We have deferred major plans until the weekend when we will have one night out, alone... fingers crossed... I'm praying for a proposal... hehe...

But I find we always manage to 'reconnect' at this time of year, it's nice

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Not the biggest deal, but last night my bf and I had our usual phone conversation - we are long distance for now. A bit after midnight I wished him a happy V-day and he laughed and said "not V-day yet here!" (because of the time difference). We laughed and he said "you know I don't really celebrate valentine's day." And I said - that's fine - I have something in mind to get you (we already had made plans to celebrate vday Friday when he arrives). I had told him a few weeks ago please not to send me flowers on V-day because they are VERY expensive and I just didn't want him spending that kind of $ on me -- would prefer he spend it on himself!(


This morning I woke up and thought "huh? he doesn't celebrate v-day? for all the years I've known him he's been a total romantic!" (we dated for a period of time many years ago and re-connected in 2005). My mind wandered as in "hmmm - is he unhappy with something?"


Then I get a quick email with a "happy v-day" from him from late last night. Ok.


Then the beautiful roses arrived 10 minutes ago -- and all I could think - since it is storming big time here - was how sorry I felt for the delivery guys today. But they are beautiful and it was a cute way to "set me up" for the surprise.

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I don't have a personal valentine day story to tell about myself(never dated in my life.) but what i did do. I sent some Valentine Day cards to some special male friends who never had a valentine in their life and the response that i got from these men made my Valentine Day.I might not be these men soulmates but i wanted to let these men know that a woman out there cares about them on this V day.

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Valentines day was amazing. I went to work and got all sorts of candy and cards from my kids, then we had a party. I came home and my girlfriend came over. I gave her flowers and a card and when she got home she got another arrangement I had sent to her house but she hadn't been home yet that day. We cooked pasta, garlic bread, and steamed broccolli for dinner and had cake for dessert. (She's vegetarian.) Then we had sex for about an hour before she fell asleep in my arms. It was really good.

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We had to work (we work together) and I was pretty grouchy from studying too much and sleeping too little. I don't really celebrate valentine's, as we're pretty mushy every day of the year, but he likes it, apparently. I came back to my desk to find that he had had a receptionist bring in a box of my favorite chocolates, and miniature rose plant, along with a cheesy poem (roses are red, violets are blue, this may be cheesy, but I love you.) It was a really great pick me up. That night after work he took me home and I rewarded him lol. What I really loved was that he had actually listened before when I said how I didn't like bouquets, because they die. I'd rather have a plant that I can keep and grow observant like that. I'm done bragging now lol

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