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Fighting myself on this


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Alright, i've come to you all again for some meaningful advice once again.


Story goes i have a date (1st official, 3rd time i will have seen her) this coming saturday. The argument i'm having with myself is if i should call her tomorrow and ask her if she wants to go get a drink and a bite after she gets out of work: if she's up for it, as it will be late.


On one side, i've read about calling last minute for a date is rude and arrogant. I certainly don't want to come off this way before i take her out on saturday.


On the other, from what i've seen, she may enjoy being called on v-tines day for a last minute date, but i'm not sure.


A phone call, i've told myself is fine, but asking to meet up later that night is where i'm conflicted.


I'm lost

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I usually don't like last minute dates but when you're first dating someone and V-day is in the middle of the week, I think it's ok - it's an awkward day to plan when you're first dating. I had a 5th date on v-day 2005, which was a Monday - we had seen each other Saturday, he called Monday afternoon and asked if I would have dinner. I did hesitate a little (internally) but said yes and was glad I did - it was a nice evening.


I would get her a single rose and perhaps a small box of chocolates.

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