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Oppertunities need to be taken


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Nuff said, anyhow more than a year ago now there was this new girl in my college we got on very well and I was one of the people she talked to. She looked amazing but obviously behing shy didnt act upon it. Afew weeks out of the blue we stopped talking.

Im pretty certain she wanted me to ask her out (even if she didnt its confidence boost shhhh!) then she got a boyfriend he doesnt look to dissimilar to me which really gets me angry. same height, hair and complexion really.

Im thinking this as if she wasnt interested with me adleast to start she wouldnt have sat by me and talked for weeks and surely I would have been "friendzoned" but instead seem to be excluding.

Maybe however her new "friends" who are stuck up *****'s that I Have grown up with may have told her that im not the material wanted or am conisdered weird by them.

or I could have said something dorky however I believe I had a reasonable chance I built myself up and I knocked myself down. good to get it off the chest cheers!!

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