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Do you think I am crazy

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Seriously guys do u think I am crazy for having feelings for a guy even after 6 months after we decided to part when I dated him for only 4 months? But I did see him in January. I shouldnt have slept with him though and he replies back to all my txt and emails even if its after weeks and tells me I should give him a call when I come back into town next when he knows I am not going to sleep with him!! His friend just left him a message thanking him for spicing things up on saturday!!! It makes me want to cringe because that is the day he must have met this girl he added to his friendster profile! I hate to think what might have been going on!!!

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Well it doesn't sound too stable, this situation.

I think you are wise to not get involved, but yes, it's normal to still have feelings. The reasons you liked the guy are still there, you just have the whole picture now instead of half.

Stick with your instincts, let time take it's course and present yourself the way you want to be treated. Let go of those who do not get your "vibe".

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No , I don't think you are crazy for still having feelings for the guy. You may have had an incredible emotional bond with him, even after 4 months.


But I do think you are going to drive yourself crazy if you keep sleeping with him. It is keeping you emotionally attached to him. If you didn't weren't still emotionally attached him, you wouldn't be checkin his friendster profile right?


Some people can have no-strings attached intimacy. It doesn't sound like you are at that level with him, which is normal and completely human when you have feelings for someone.


However, it may be really hard not rip off his clothes whenever you meet up with him. You might want to consider cutting ties, at least for a while.


Be well!

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Hey LostloveinLA no I dont think u sound harsh at all. I know what I am doing is bad and I am working on it with a counsellor to see if this kind of behaviour is the result of something else that might be bothering. As for my feelings for him, all I can say is that you can be with someone for ever and still not connect to them but you can have a brief contact with the person and connect to them. We had something very very special going on that is for sure and yes you are right I am sure he doesnt have the same kind of feelings for me which makes it even worse! I have to let go but I just dont know how which is why I am on this forum to see how people deal and cope with this sort of situation!

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Well one thing that I have learned is that their is always hope, but the thing is this time you cannot do anything to make him love/like you. You can love him but still try to go on with your life and do things that make you happy. Tell him your happy you broke up, so can now think about ways to make yourself better for you or the next relationship you get into. The world is not over Celene. You got one man, and you can get many more. Sometimes relationships are just lesson in order to teach you have to deal more effectively with the next person. If you truly felt you were in love with this guy then why are you feeling so insecure? Tell him what you want and then move on to the next step. Don't hold back. I know what he might say is scarey...but it sucks to never know.

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