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ok so if people read my other posting titled "confused..dont know if this is considered flirting" then you know my situation. unfortunately there wasnt a chance for me to talk to him we had a bunch of lab work to do so i couldnt find a chance.


anyways im really confused about this guy and the feelings im having towards him. see with valentines coming up it bring back alot of old memories. this guy i was "seeing" lets call him "J" last year told me he was moving on valentines day! what a great way to celebrate it, right?


anyways long story short he hasnt spoken to me since, he ignores my calls and stuff. and now im really starting to like this guy "L" in my class. and whats weird about it is that i would always compare guys id meet to J. and now when i first met L i totally did not once even compare him to J.


only bad thing is that i dont know if he has a gf. and i dont want history to repeat itself...what should i do????

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