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I'm a guy, I should be happy with this...but why do I feel bad??

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i was home this past weekend from college and me and my girlfriend were laying there on Sunday before i left. we were talking and all that, and then we ended up kissing. things progressed quickly and we were fooling around and stuff (no sex). we stopped kissing long enough for me to look over and notice her digital camera was sitting really close to us. i kind of joked and said, "i get some pictures to remember you by right?" and she laughed and said, "if you want, go ahead".


so i was pretty excited. so i got up and got her camera and she posed a few times for me nude. things then kind of settled down and i had to pack to leave. she fell asleep on my bed as i was rushing around getting ready. when i noticed she was asleep, i took her picture of her sleeping (because it's the cutest thing in the world) and i took a pic of me kissing her forehead.


we went to her house before i left to upload the pics straight to my laptop to take with me. well, in our rush and everything, i ended up accidently deleting all of the pictures off of the memory card before they could get to my computer. so i ended up losing all of the pictures i had taken of her that night.


once i realized what i had done, i instantly started to feel way worse about losing the ones of her sleeping. she sleeps around me ALL the time, yet those 2 pictures of her sleeping meant more to me than did the nude ones. by the time i got back to my college i was still kind of upset about losing the pics of her sleeping, yet at the same time, i started to feel bad about even taking pictures of her in those situations to begin with.


im an 18 year old guy, most any guy my age would give their left nut to have their girlfriend allow them to take nude pictures of them. but i sort of feel bad for doing it. why do you all think this is?

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Why would you question this? You're just showing how nice of a person you are, is all. It's good you like the pics of her sleeping more than the nude pictures; this shows that you actually care for her, not simply about the physical lust of her body. There's a time to make physical love, and not abuse sex, simply to get your rocks off.


When you make love, you do it for your partners pleasure. When you have sex, you're in it only for your pleasure. It's just how I personally see it.


I look at sex the same way I look at alcohol (even though I personally don't drink at all) - there are those that drink responsibly, and those that sadly abuse it.


By the way, I'm sorry you lost the pictures. I was actually smiling as I read what you said about her sleeping, and you kissing her on her head. These are the things really worth being in a relationship for! She's a lucky gal to have such a nice guy, like yourself! I'm pretty much the same way, really. I'm just glad I'm not the only one!


An example of how I feel, personally, and what you reminded me of, is a scene I distinctly remember from When Harry met Sally (the movie)...


Sally was crying because of losing her boyfriend, and Harry just hugged her, and she cried on his shoulder. That moment touched my heart so much, I just wanted them to keep hugging! I actually started to cry (yeah, I'm pretty sensitive... I know...)! But then they stopped a couple seconds later, and started making out, then had sex together. I was like "Nooooo!" lol


I know, there is a time and place for making love, but I cherish the emotional moments, the innocent times such as simply hugging, holding, caring for them, protecting them. I just want to see more of it, I guess. But we don't, in a lot of movies these days, just sex sex sex!


Anyway, I'm glad you're such a good guy to this girl! Keep it up!

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