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I need some help....

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Now, I dont have long on this computer, so I am going to be brief(I am at the library).


I am abused by my parents. I have tried running away, but that ends up getting me into jail, then getting beat at home when I get out of jail. Is there any way for me to escape? Any shelters I could go to, that wouldnt call the cops or my parents to come pick me up? Please dont recommend the adoption homes, I have been to one of those, and I gotta tell you: Getting beat down by a 50 year old man isnt anywheres as bad as getting beat down by several 17 year olds who just dont give a crap. I am 16 years old, and I live in Mississippi. If it helps, I have a friend in Louisianna whos mom is willing to take me in.

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There you go.

Tell this friend's mom that the time may be soon when you need her help.

Get out now and keep getting out until you are safe.

I do not know of anything in Miss. that can help.

I would try making some daily trips here to the library and research "Social workers" in the area or "Abuse crisis centers" then start calling. Tell them immediately about the situation at the adoption/foster home and your intentions for protecting yourself.

This means you will have to manage your time wisely.

Also, start working out. You got gym or something like that at school? Start paying attention - get strong - be prepared to not take any more abuse and fight back.

If you aren't in school - start working out anyway. No reason you should wait until your an adult to protect yourself.


Please be wise and don't do anything else to get yourself arrested or in worse danger. Running away really is not going to work.

Also - during your library time - go to the Psychology section and start going through the titles. Get yourself educated on child abuse and the after-effects so you can stay ahead of the game.


I was abused also (not physically, but sexually) and this is what I did.

Good luck and please come back when you are able to and keep us updated.

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You're going to have to go through proper channels to either become emancipated or to have the court grant custody to your friend's mom in Louisiana. If you just run off to your friend's house and live there, the mom could get in a LOT of trouble and could possibly be arrested for kidnapping or harboring a runaway. Go to your school's counselor, or to the police. Not all foster homes are terrible, and since you've already got someone willing to take you in, you would only need to stay in one for a short time.


Good luck.

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