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New semester, two male problems.


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1. There's a guy in one of my classes whom I find quite attractive, and he seems like he's a relatively nice person (at least he doesn't emanate those jerk vibes like some people do). I would definitely like to get to know him better (if only for the sake of finding out what kind of person he really is). The problem is, I never get the opportunity to talk to him. The longest conversation we've had was when we were walking down 9 flights of stairs, but that was only because both of us were too impatient to wait for the elevator. Talking before class won't work, since half of the class (including me and him) gets there half an hour early, and everybody is being studious until class begins; trying to strike up a conversation in such a quiet setting would not be appropriate. Lingering around after class so that we leave the room at the same time would be too obvious. AND there are no tests in that class, so I can't ask him to study together (I never study with anyone anyway). Is there ANYTHING I can do, or do I just have to wait and hope for another day when we take the stairs instead of the elevator?


2. One of my TAs is quite attractive. Which is clearly a problem because he's my TA. Furthermore, because I tend to be shy around attractive men, it's hard for me to participate in class. Granted, my written work makes up for that, but participation is still a part of my grade...One of my coworkers told me to relax myself before raising my hand to answer a question by imagining him naked...but clearly that did more harm than good. Obviously nothing is ever going to happen with this guy (which is sad), but I'd like to get over my shyness around him so that I can act like a normal kid in class.


3. Okay, there are three problems. The third one being that aside from those two classes, there are no men in sight, thanks to those accursed majors of mine. But I guess we all have that problem....


Thank you for listening, and good night.

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Hehe, I like your post (esp. point 3!!) But it seems like you're doing better than most of us single gals - I have not ONE good sort in sight hehe!


As for your problems -


1. I think you should just strike up conversation quietly before class.. and on the odd occasion (not every day) happen to be sitting near him so that you do leave class together... It will help you get to know him!


2. Shyness sucks.. I have these sorts of issues all the time, if I am around a guy I find attractive I become mute... It's a matter of overcoming the shyness..bit by bit - positive self talk - easier said than done.. it takes time but I have managed it.. I'm sure you will - with time comes experience, just try and step outside ur comfort zone and participate in class even if you feel shy!


Good luck - lots of excitement!! Let us know how you go!



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The other day I became shy when speaking with a girl I had absolutely no interest in, yet I had a simple question for her.


As soon as I asked if she remembered me, even with no interest in her, I began to blush, and almost became a mute, but luckily my super level of confidence saved me

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Sheesh, problem #2 is getting really bad...If it had only happened earlier, then I would'v been able to switch into a different section of the same class. Sadly, I have that class every day and the TA looks more and more attractive...And I wish he hadn't said something about himself today that made me go "Wow." Thank goodness I have superhuman concentration powers when it comes to academics, otherwise my grade would be in grave danger...


Would it be terribly immoral to wait for this semester to end and then try to get to know the guy better?

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