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Where to draw line for teacher support?


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I just came out of a few weeks of being in the dumps and am trying to find the sources for my waves of depression and found this. I'm all for teacher's believing in their students and lending them support and motivation. But there is one teacher i have that believes in me a *little* too much. He has become like a mentor to me and has such hope for my future and sees me as someone able to achieve great things but its becoming overwhelming. Sometimes i catch myself feeling like I'm doing everything the best that I can just to live up to his expectations and prove him right, but this leads to panic attacks and stress since I'm a perfectionist and aim beyond my reach.


I'm worried that my motivation to do things is becoming dependent on him being there and supporting me like this. Then when the time comes I'm not at this school anymore I'm going to lose my basis.


So at what point does someone draw the line for motivation and support from teachers and what can I do about it/? It's too much of a good thing I suppose

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