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Nice Guys Finish Last

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I have came to relize that I will never be able to be a happy person. I also have come to relize that my dreams are a fantasy and there is no mericale for me. I have lost my family the only thing in this world that has made me happy. My fiancee has decided that she no longer wanted to be with me. She hasnt called me or let me see my son. If she does call she only calls to tell me how mad she is at me. I dont even know what I did wrong. She is also mad at me for calling the police when I saw her endanger my son by smoking pot with him right at her feet. She assumes I did that out of anger, but I have always wanted what was best for my family. Now she is sleeping with my ex-room mate who is nothing but a pot head and uses girls only for sex. I dont know what she wants me to be, I cant be somthing im not. I just want her to achieve her goals in life, she does have great ones. The only advice I get is im too good for her, and I would do much better without her. In my heart I know having a loving, and caring family is all I wanted. I want nothing more than to have it back, and I will only be miserable until I get my family back in my heart.

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In the state of Idaho father rarly gets custody of his kid, legally she can do it until I have enough money to take the issue to court.


Actually that is the law in most states when a child is born out of wedlock. Bottom line is tha you are going to have to spend some money if you want to get custody of your child. You can try and find low cost legal services and that will help minimize the cost. Personally I would want to get evidence of her using drugs because if you have proof of that then you will be able to show that she is a unfit mother and will most likely get full custody of your child.

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ok.. what has nice guys finish last got to do with this?


Really.. I'm curious.. who is the nice guy?


If a girl doesn't like you (and if a guy doesn't like a girl) its not because they are nice


No one says "I don't like billy-bob because he is nice, its something else about them that they don't like


Girls and guys, please.. stop with the 'no one likes me because I'm too nice"


its not THAT.. its something else?


Do you feel you are nicer than this other person?

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i think what he means by the title is that if he did * * * * * * * things then maybe he would still be with that girl and he would besmokin the pot with her and his son. but hes a good guy and cares about whats best for the family and actually cares about other people besides himself, well at least based off his story..idk am i making any sense

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Believe me I know even if I do take her to court the chances of even getting dual custody here is unlikly. I only say that because I have been turned down by lawyers telling me " I have to prove that I am a better care giver than her" The fact that the officer found pot there and put that on the police report isnt enough for custody. What irritates me most is the officer didnt even make any arrests because nobody claimed it. I that possossion was nine tenths of the law.

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