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I feel so dysfunctional...It has been 2 month and 12 days since we separated...I cried everyday for 2 months/60days...these past 12 days seem good aliitle better, since I ahvent cried..I live near the ocean, so that helps alot...however, I feel very dysfuctional..like I cant get out of the house and do anything! I sleep late, eat, and am on the computer allll the time.


I used to have such a great job..but I left it to be with my EX...I pretty much let go of everything. ..a job,friends,my self!!!


I know he has moved on as he sent me an e-mail telling me how awful I was in the realationship , he is probably traveling aroung everywhere and is forgetting about me ...its easier for him since he is 45 set in his ways and I am 33...


I have posted in relationship conflicts about it...I just cant seem to move on, move forward, its getting a tad bit better because i stopped the crying..I wish there was some magical way to heallll!!!


How does one heal when they live in a town where they know no one, have no friends, and no job, basically Life!!!!


Help...any advice would be appreciated!!!

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One step at a time.


Get a job, something that gives you a place to go daily. At that job, you'll meet people. When those people ask you to do lunch, do it. And so on.


Letting go of your guy is another matter. Time will help, but so will getting out and walking, meeting new people and exploring the future instead of reliving the past.

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have you thought about antidepressants? You sound like your suffering with depression. After my ex and I split I was an emotional wreck for weeks. It got to the point where it was so bad I was contemplating suicide. I couldnt eat or sleep was crying constantly, would break down at the slightest thing and felt no desire to leave the house or do anything whatsoever. It was like I was in this dark,black hole and had no way out.

I was seeing a councellor and he suggested I consider seeing a doctor about taking antidepressants. Being a person whos never resorted to taking any form of medication I was reluctant at first but I thought the way I was feeling I knew I needed something to take the edge of while I worked through this difficult time. So I saw the doctor, and he not surprisingly diagnosed me with depression and anxiety. Within three to four days of taking the medication I felt like a completely different person. They really helped me get through. Depession is a serious illness and should always be looked into if your experiencing any of those things Ive described. I'm not a doctor but all I can tell you what my experience.


Something to think about anyway

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