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ever feel like you cant open up to someone new?

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hey guys, to make a long story short...met the most wonderful girl in my life until i saw the other side of her. she ended up breaking my heart and ive been devastated since. i feel like she scarred me. what i mean is in my mind i picture myself meeting someone else but because how she hurt me im afraid to open up to someone new and give them all my love like i did with her. i consider myself a great guy, one of the nicest guys ever. i gave this girl everything, all my love and whatnot and it blew up in my face. now im so scared to meet someone. if the new girl turns out nice, im goin to think ok shes nice now but she'll change like the last one did. if she is for real, then shes gonna wonder why im not opening up and showing her my love. u guys know what i mean? ever since what happened with me and my ex, im so afraid to be with somebody because i think they'll hurt a nice guy like she hurt me. someone please give me some advice! thanks!

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right there with ya man... had the same thing happen to me, and i ironically still feel the same way...


it has gotten ALOT better though!! I used to think I would never get over her, and that I was destined to be unhappy the rest of my life... well, time did its thing, and now I've been seeing this great girl and I could careless how that other girl is doing


Just wait until you feel the time is ready, and one day you will wake up and realize that you have moved on!! (Atleast for me thats how it was)

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all people at the beginning of a relationship are on there best behavior. Its not until we get comfortable and settled in the relationship that we drop our guard and the real person comes out.


So I don't think its so much that your ex changed but that the real person just hadn't come out yet. Thats with most people I think.

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you guys are right! but i just feel like i havent had my closure from her yet. i mean we really still havent even talked about how hurt i am. i just wanna tell her she really hurt me! so much! im soooo hurt u guys have no idea. before her i was in a bad relationship and it took me 2 years to get over her. then i met her and at that moment she changed my life. i wanna tell her she was my life at that moment. she was crazy about me and thats why i opened up to her. had i known she was goin to play me like that i would have never been so attached. thats what hurts the most! i feel so betrayed. everything was goin go great and she took that away from me. you dont do that to people! why did she have to do this to me? why do i deserve this? i understand if i was an * * * * * * * then fine but i was the nicest guy in the world to her and she broke my heart. these are all the things inside that i wanna tell her so bad! sorry guys im just venting right now. i would have never expected this from her...i guess thats why this whole thing bothers me so much is how could she change so fast?? i feel so betrayed and used. i just wish it wouldnt have happened to me because i went thru hell with the other one and she changed my life for awhile and now im a mess. theres times where i dont know where to turn what to do where to go. its like i trust no one now. i dont wanna feel this way anymore! nothing helps. im dieing to just say all these things to her. i just need closure from all this. im tired of not getting any sleep at night wondering what im gonna say to her. why me why me...thats all i ask myself.

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