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Long story short, I have gone out with this girl a few times. We are both pro-shredders on snowboards and that's how we met.

Went out for dinner dates, kissed for a bit ! but havn't had sex yet.

With Valentine's day coming up, I e-mail her yesterday asking her if she would go out with me for dinner on Valentine's day.

So far, no response from her. She usually writes back in a few hours.

She is just out of a five year relationship and she is still a bit hurt about it.

I can't figure out if she is really into me.

I know I should be patient and what not......but how do you deal with a situation like this. Please let me know if anyone has faced similar situation and how they dealt with it.

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If, and only if, she says she wants to take it slow, then you might be out of luck. If she says shes not ready for a relationship, then you're out of luck.


If none of these come up, then you're good to go


Don't go too deep with her yet though, she might still be in rebound phase, meaning she wants someone to fill a void gap.

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I was in a very similar sitch a couple of years ago. I had just got out of a long term r'ship and started seeing a great guy straight away. I did really like him but i was def. still hurting from my break-up.

It came to valentines and he planned this amazing day..it kind of freaked me out and he knew it. He got hurt by my lack of enthusiasm and broke up with me.


So...my advice. Take it slow!!!

Phone her to wish her a happy V. Day but don't do the dinner unless she has since accepted.

She likes you but it will take her awhile to get over he last bf so don't be full on with her until she is ready.

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