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Would appreciate some opinions

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I think the question would be, ' how can i be the one who can make her happy instead of someone else?' The answer is you can't, she decides with whomever she wants to be, because just like you she has free will. That being said, its better to confess your feelings to her now , even if you lose her as a friend its better because you would go nuts if only stays with friendship, that way you could say at least i tried and be able to move on with your life, then that you let the situation linger for years only to ask that same question then and be rejected, id say save yourself some time and heartacke by just confessing your feelings to her.

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It sounds to me like you love her.


Basically, the jealously will go away when the love does. I find that there's only a few ways to do that:


1) Separate yourself from her

2) Attempt to start a relationship with her

3) Date someone else more interesting


Someone else feel free to add to this list, I'd love to hear.

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