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Does he like me or am I being played with?


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I have been interested in my brothers friend for some time and was never able to do anything with him because I was was married, but now that I haveen separated since the summer he has come around alot, especially on the weekends spending the nights and everything sometimes sleeping on my bed with me in my room.


About 2 weekends ago we madeout and did someother things, and then they wre never talked about or brought up again.


So this weekend I said to him, "Hey what's going on with you.", he then procceded to say "what do you mean?"

So I said, "Well things happened that were never talked about or brought up again, and I just want to know, weither you wanna be just wanna be friends or not." and he replies with, "I don't Know" and that wa the end of that.

Later that day he came back over and hung out he was being cutesie with me like he was before the weekend that things happened but this time we didn't do anything he gave me a hug and left.


What the hell is going on please someone help me here I am so confused.


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he knows that I really like him initially the first kiss was a long time coming he said I was still married and didn't wanna kiss me until I was divorced but then we had an awesome weekend and ended hooking up so he knew if he kissed me that what would happen that I would like him even more. I just don't know what to do. We see movies together and stuff but usally my brother is there or his mom and dad and my brother so I think he is trying to hide this from everyone. boo. I don't know.

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I done stuff like this in the past. Usually (as he said), I didn't "know". If I'm not sure for whatever reason, I tend to act like this guy. I was always hesitant if there were mutual friends/family involved. If he's friends w/ your brother, that might work on his mind a little.

As a guy, I would caution you not to get 'too' involved if he's acting like this. It's a good recipe for getting hurt.

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