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Being Ignored......way to proceed advice!

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i'm not really sure which topic i should have posted this under, but i chose this one lol.


basically ive got a this 'friend' we were dating about 4 years ago, it didnt really happen, but we still talked, we dont really talk much, but occasionally we'll txt each other or chat on Messenger.


anyway, i chatted to her not long ago via txt, and i asked her if she would want to come shopping with me in town (because i know she is in town usually once a week or something) and she said yes, we set a date. we continued txting, just gerneral chit chat, for a little longer. after about 15 minutes i didnt have much phone credit left, plus i needed the shower, so i said to her "anyway, i better be off, talk to you soon, take care. X"


about a minute later i receive a txt saying "oh....that was quick. Fine, be that way. goodnight" it kind of took me by surprise, seeing as we dont really talk that much.


anyway, that was a couple of weeks ago, and since that night she hasnt replied to a single txt or email, i havent gone overboard or anything, but seen as we planned to go shopping tomorrow it kinda bothers me that we go from talking and getting along, to me being completely ignored.


i was thinking of giving her a call today, but i just get the feeling she'll ignore it, or for some reason ill get a bad reception from her, and i dont want her to think im pushing it, i just dont like people thinking bad of me for something i havent done.


anyway advice would be appreciated, what do you all think?



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