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Im Sooo Confused!

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Ok......2 make a long story short. I fell in love with my high school b/f of almost a year..then due to some complicated situation of not being able 2 c each other he broke things off.....he made contact wit me a few months after and wanted 2 meet with me & because i was hurtover the breakup i never followed through with the plans of us meeting up....so its been a year since we last saw each other and nearly 8 months since our last contact. Just a few days ago i got 2 thinking about him & decided to call him up 2 c how he was. 2 my surprise he wanted to meet up 4 coffee, so i agreed. so after 1 year of not seeing each other we finally got 2 seeing each other. When i got 2 seeing him he looked so different. i found myself sad that he changed When i got 2 talking with him he told me that he regreted the breakup & he wanted 2 get backtogether. After c ing him idont know if i find him attractive ne more but part of me wants to findthat spark again cuz i still care 4 him. Im so confused??

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Maybe you can start building a friendship with him first and see how you feel? I don't think you should make any decision right now. But at the same time, you should make it clear to him that you need more time to see how it goes. I think enough time has passed since your break up and so you should just treat this as if you first met him and see how you feel about it!

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