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Asking Out a Friend


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If you're interested in making it more than friends, I'd say your best bet is to do it. However, know that if your friend isn't interested, you may lose the friendship. If you want to keep the friendship, perhaps go in slowly. Feel out the situation & figure out if there's a chance they are interested in you. If so, full speed ahead.

I don't know the whole situation, but you could start by doing something--just the two of you--date-ish...nice dinner, a trip to a museum, something that says "more than friends." Hope that makes sense for you!

Good luck!!!!

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I am so sorry to tell you what is going to happen... She will say "I like you only as a friend" and will break your heart... Women do not see their guy friends as boyfriends... You need to start a relationship as a boyfriend right from the beginning... Its brutal but that's the way it is... So sorry to hurt you but I am only trying to save you some pain....


Not the rule or the exception to the rule. Women, like men, can be shy, cramped, and scared, just like you. But often wishful thinking gets in the way of friendship and when it really is simply friendship, one party may decide to express an interest in the other. With Valentine's Day coming up, it may be an appropriate time to sort of do something a bit more brazen. Maybe ask her out to dinner without being too obvious you're interested in a date. See where it goes. Don't have the highest expectations either.

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Hey all thanks, for the response! Actually, we've done "datish" stuff like actually gone to the movies and museum. Sometimes there's playful flirting, but that could mean nothing, I know.


I guess I'd like to know how do I approach her. Do I just tell her my feelings? What do I say?


Oh, I'm male by the way. Oh, and don't hold back. I'd like honesty. Thanks! =)

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