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Don't know why I'm thinking about this...

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Has anyone here had an affair with a co-worker? A supervisor? I guess i'm asking because I was cheated on by my ex of 7 years. she had an affair with the boss. I guess what I'm asking is, what happens afterward? I did something stupid after we broke up and snooped her phone bill. there were a bunch of calls between the two. it's weird. they call all day (as if they don't work together) and then the calls will go into the late night, like late night for at least two hours. it seems obsessive to me. now, I know what's still going on, but I guess it makes me angry that she told me it was strictly professional, they had ended the affair. At this point it is none of my biz, and I don't go snooping anymore. but am I right to think that that is a sick and twisted situation to be in? My sister said that it is what it is, and that his their relationship. I agree.

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