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Bit worried


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My gf and I have been together for about 4 months now and, although to many that will sound like hardly any time at all, have become incredibly close in not that long. We started having sex fairly early on in the relationship; at first using condoms (with the exception of one heat-of-the-moment occasion (morning after pill)) and about 2 months in, my she said she wanted to go on the pill.


Last weekend she came round. We had sex - but at about 3am sunday morning, she suddenly realised she'd forgotten to take the pill on saturday. On sunday morning, having planned to, we realised we had no way of getting anywhere to get a morning after pill. We worried a bit.


This last week she developed cystitis. The worrying news is that she's about a week late for her period. Whilst first consideration might suggest pregnancy, is there any possibility this anomaly is due to her infection last week?


She's staying with her grandparents this week who live in the middle of no where so there's no way she can get hold of a pregnancy test. She's coming round again this weekend howevere so hopefully then we'll find out.


Any info or advice would be much appreciated till then :sad:





P.S - The weird thing is, the more I think about it, the more attractive the idea of being a parent is, yet the more impractical the concept becomes - I'll be going to university soon and she'll be in the middle of A levels.. it's ridiculous.


Isn't it?

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She could have easily just taken the missed BC pill as soon as she realised it, and then continued with her pill for that day as well. But since she didn't understand that apparently, she can not go back now and do that. My guess is that the infection and stress led to her missed period, and you can get a pregnancy test by going to any drug store.


By the way, morning after pills should NOT be used so lightly.

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you definitely dont need to become a parent as immature as saying that to someone who was trying to help you is.

As for her missing her perod, cystitis can cause you to miss your period as well as stress and many other factors. I suggest she wait another week or two and get to a drug store and take a test. Maybe its in the best interest of you two even though she's on the pill you still use condoms since it doesnt seem she is able to remember to take them properly and doesnt understand, as other poster said how it works and that when you miss a pill you take it right away and continue your pack the next day or even double your pill up.

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Yes, mainly what others have said:


- She should make sure she remembers to take her pill all the time. If she has trouble remembering, she should speak to her doc about other forms of birth control (depo, patch, nuva-ring, etc ...) that do not require her to take a pill everyday.


- She should sit down and read the instructions on her pill packet. When I went on the pill I learned what to do if you miss one, two, three pills, etc ... so that if you forget one you know what to do. My pill also has a website (ortho-tri-cyclen-lo) which has all the info on it - maybe hers does to.


- If you do not want to be parents, the safest thing is to double up on the BC. It seems like many people preach that but few do: well my bf and I always use two forms of birth control, and I do not worry about pregnancy.


I would also urge you to think about pregnancy and parenting in a more realistic way. Though I understand the idea of having a child with her may be attractive, and quite romantic, sit down and imagine the day to day realities. There are several young parents on the board, and they can attest that raising a child has not been a piece of cake. Think about time, finances, dreams you would have to give up, the fact that you may be a single dad or not get to see your child if you and your girlfriend break up.

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