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Not sure if this is the right place to post this but,


i was dancing(close) with a girl a few nights ago, and I kept getting a boner. I was getting a little embarrassed (in case anyone saw it) so i decided to stop dancing just because of that. Is it just me or does this happen to others? How can you prevent it?



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I'm not a dancer, but I would argue that friction can't be the culprit alone.


Female + friction on flaccid penis = hardon within seconds


Many girls love it, some girls get turned off. I know most girls absolutely hate it when a random guy comes up and starts rubbin his hardon on her.


But generally, if the girl knows you and feels strongly towards you, she will feel absolute euphoria when you rub up against her


When I was with my exgirl, she told me she was getting constant shots of adrenaline down her spine for atleast half an hour of drunk grinding

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That's very normal. Here's a couple ways I used to hide that when I was in teens and up to 25. Seldom have that problem anymore. I'm old enough that it usually takes more stimulation. i.e. - I don't usually have to worry about unwanted, spontaneous erections since being in my 30s. However, occasionally some women still have that effect on me. In my younger days, most them had that effect.


Anyhow, if you untuck your shirt ahead of time (plan ahead), then no one can notice it no matter how big it may get. However, as you likely know, it's uncomfortable, and sometimes painful when it can't straighten out.


So plan ahead and position it so that it's pointed ^ up ahead of time (limp, but pointing up), and not tangled in your underwear. If you wear boxer briefs, or briefs, they fit snug enough to keep your limp compass pointing North. Then, if you get turned on, it is already staight and pointing up. So then it can easily and painlessly expand and lengthen. That solves my problem, if it's a semi. If it's the full deal, then my willie is to long to fit within underwear and the last inch or so wants to poke out, but can't because of waist band and pressure from pants and belt. So that last inch still hurts since it can't expand that last inch and it's pressing into waistband of underwear. However, it's less painful than having the whole thing kinked and twisted up like happens if you don't have it staight and pointed up ahead of time.


Now it's unlikely anyone would notice it, if it's already pointed up ahead of time because it's just a bulge then, not a protrustion. However, having shirt untucked ahead of time hides it totally.


The woman you are dancing with, or hugging, will likely feel it against her stomach, butt, or whatever she's touching you with, but who cares? If she's touching you, then she likes you a lot. So it's a safe bet that she'll be flattered since it shows you are very attracted to her.


However, I can't stand the idea of the public seeing it. That's super embarrassing. I think so anyway. So my advice above will hide it from the public and reduce your pain or discomfort. It won't hide it from a woman who's up against you, but why hide it from her anyway? If she's rubbing or pressing against you there, which is the only way she's going to feel it and know, then apparently she's wanting a reaction from you and she's checking for it. So no need to be embarrassed if she feels it and finds out.


That's ^ if she's inititate the contact. If the guy initiates it and she feels that, she might not like it. If she initiates and maintains contact, then I think it's implied that she's up for it.

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well..a friend of mines says you can hide it by lifting it up and putting the band of you underwear over it


The above is true, if you can get some privacy to do that. I wouldn't want to be reaching in and adjusting in public.


The adjustment you mention also eases the pain of a confined woody. Hey, it hurts when there's not enough room in pants for it! Hurts even more, if it's kinked. Ouch!


If it was kinked and trying to get hard, but can't lengthen or straighten because it's kinked, twisted, and/or confined, that hurts. Now add woman rubbing or pressing against it and it sounds like a recipe for excruciating PAIN. However, if it's unkinked, straightened out, and has enough room to expand, then no problems.


I once had a woman sit on my lap while I had a 3/4 semi down one leg of boxers and pants. She unknowingly sat all her weight right on it, and then started scooting her butt around trying to find a comfortable position. The pain was intense. I yelped and had to explain and ask her to sit on other leg. That's another good reason to make sure the limpy is point up North ahead of time. Then if you get a semi or full deal, and a woman sits on your lap, she won't be pulverizing it.

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I used to go out dancing all the time and that happened to me all time. The guys I wound up dancing with seemed to be proud of it though. I finally just stopped dancing. I didnt need a hotdog in my buns.


Just out of curiosity I have a fair idea of the style of dancing you're talking about... what did you think would happen ?

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