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Valentine's Day -- Invented By Hersheys/Hallmark Or By Something Else?

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I'd not say they had to make it up simply because they're so successful at marketing it. They're just taking advantage of what they have to work with, is all.


It's like people thinking I made the guitar simply because I can play better than anyone else! Which I can't, but just using this as a fictitious example.


Or like thinking Toys R Us made up Christmas all on their own... lol!

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I think it does have some historical basis but I am pretty sure it was commercialised mid 20th century. It is one of the earlier incarnations of things like mother's day and father's day and the more recent derivatives such as secretary's day.


No question these sorts of celebrations have been increasingly commercialised and I think that is why some people openly rebel against the retail nature of modern V-Day.

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