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Opportunity available to work and live abroad?

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Just want to know what kind of job will enable me to work and live abroad, apart from being a doctor or engineer or lawyer or tour guide? Is there such opportunity in the finance field? What its takes to get inside an international career?


I am in my mid twenties, I would want to explore life first. I did backpacking once right after university. I would like to travel again.


What is your advice for a person who is currently single at mid twenties, and still at the beginning stage of her career?



Thank you.

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ALmost anything really; the problem comes in whether they will give you work visa's etc.


One of my fellow students at law school worked for 3 years in Hong Kong after getting a degree in Finance for example. My engineering friends and boyfriend have been able to travel to some cool places, and I know teachers and nurses whom do the same. Heck you could be a barista anywhere though too Some interpretors get to travel as well if they get involved in business/government.


I would advise you figure out what you want to do career wise, and go with that, and the figure out a way to incorporate it into travelling somehow. Often you may need to also look into International Business or Law, as addition to your field, though not necessarily as it depends on the company, career and needs elsewhere. Take language courses too though!

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Not any job will het you international status. Laywers less likely to be able to travel as laws are different from counyry to country. Unless they are a large USA based MNC and if you are a USA laywer you MIGHT be hired, you have to be the premium batch.

As for jobs (education) that lets you travel, nursing right now is probably the best. Internationally there is a shortage of nurses thus ALL countries are more then willing to let you 'walk' thru the front door. Engineers are good, I.T has dropped substancially. Business management is good but it is a hard sell (most countries have their own style). Doctors dont travel well either ( you have to be retrained to meet local standards and laws)


hope this helps.

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Working holiday visas are a good way to get into the country. If you can apply depends on the country you are from and if you are generally under the age of 30. I did this for 4 years but more for exploring the world than career. but once you are there you can look for career work if you are qualified.


To get into a job oversees without a visa is very difficult as it costs companies money and generally they have to prove a local cannot do the same job. To much risk and money for an unskilled position such as lifeguard. Nursing is definitely hot and everywhere is gagging for nurses.


You have to decide what you want though. i currently work for a fortune 500 country and live overseas again, but as a career move I dont not get to travel in the strictest sense. This is usually the case. When you are working as an expat you usally do travelling only as a business purpose. The money is great as an expat and you should look at things like tax free benefits. if I stay out of my country for 6 months or more then I dont have to pay taxes back home. I work in a place that doesnt have income taxes so everything I make is diposible income. Other places may charge you more taxes etc so you have to strongly consider this. Plus most companies have expat packages where you get uplifts or an extra percentage of your base for living abroad. There is a lot to consider when making this step. If its money you are after it definitely a good step.

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In my field, many scientists live abroad. because unlike law or nursing or being a doctor, you don't need to get different certificates or whatnot to do science in a foreign country. You just have to know what you are doing, and you can carry those skills anywhere in the world where someone is looking for them.

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Thank you for all the advise.


I am definitely taking one foreign language course.


I will definitely check out the working holiday program.


Is there any working holiday job related to finance?


What will your prospective employer perceive you knowing that you spend two years having working holiday that are not related to your field?

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The more education you have, the better your chances. Also, the more specialised your field, the easier it is to get international work visas. However, there's a trade-off because there are fewer jobs in more specialised fields. Professors have a pretty easy time working in other countries (lots of work to get there, though). If you have a masters degree in finance you should be able to get a sweet job in Asia. Diplomats have cool lives and travel alot, but I think you need to speak a second language to be considered. At your university they should have a study exchange program where you can spend a semester in another country and pay the same tuition fees you'd pay at home. That's looks great on your resume, especially when you're applying for international positions (potential employers will want assurance that you can adjust to the culture shock).

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In finance there would be quite a few. Actually that is a very good qualifcation to have. You could get a a job at a bank for instance and if they like what you do they can keep you on permanently. If you are from one of the Commonwealth countries Canada, Britain Australia etc then you are gold because you can get a one year visa for these countries quite easily.


A good idea is to pre-apply for the jobs you are intested in. You can get your visa and a couple of months before you are due to leave send out applications to companies via internet job sites, newspaper websites from that country etc


This means you could have a job when you land there. Then you have one year to prove yourself and your worth for them to keep you on longer. Cant be that hard eh?

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A good idea is to pre-apply for the jobs you are intested in. You can get your visa and a couple of months before you are due to leave send out applications to companies via internet job sites, newspaper websites from that country etc


I apply for the visa first or sent out the job application first?


Thanks for all your replies. I appreciated it very much.

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