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Oh dear, feel bad 2day…went out with my closet friends last nite 2 couples…the couples that we used to go out with…I think I should stick to hanging out with my single mates..but there my best mates..


It just brings back memories of when the 6 of us used to go out…in a way im jealous of them and that's something I never thought I would say…they both have houses with their partners planning to get married..something me and the ex had all planned till she went and ruined it..sorry people just needed to vent my anger with someone!! Just feel so lonely..where can I meet some nice more mature ladies that want the same things as me!

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Oh street! Good for you for going out with these couples. So often I hear of people breaking up and then not going out with people because they have partners and then losing contact with these friends. You took a big step last night and I can guarantee you that the next time you do this it won't feel so bad, I guarantee it. Too, its only natural for you to look at these couples and be a little jealous of them although maybe you should call it envy rather than jealousy because that's a less dramatic word and thats what you need to start doing, not thinking so negatively...it works I promise you!


As for the meeting nice mature ladies...well when I parted from my bf I was into certain sports and basically got brave and joined new clubs where I could do these sports and met lots of guys my age 30-35. So you could always do the same?


Also, although these guys have come out with you with their partners, why not suggest a guy only night? I think we all need to go with members of the same sex because lets be honest here, we talk differently and about different things when we do, and you may find you go to clubs and pubs you would not normally and get a little dutch courage to go up and approach a girl.


The thing you have to remember that I too have learnt, especially about meeting new people, is that you have nothing to lose. If you go up to them and they don't want to know, big deal, its their loss...if you don't go up you will never know...


Remember, when one door closes another opens, this could be your chance..

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30-35 is proplay abit old im 25, the ex was 21 so im looking at someone my age who wants the same thing as me…as she just suddenly decided she didn't want to settle down e.g. buy a house..


she wants to party which is fair enough, just feel we could have made it if she had got this out of her sytem b4 we met..oh well..


ur right about the envy rather than the jealous, I have other single friends so im going on plenty of lads nite outs, but haven't got the confidence to approach any girls just yet..will proplay have to wait for them to approach me, which is the way I have met almost all my old girlfriends…im not the most confident person as u can tell…


my ex and I were friends first, got to know each other and then decided to go out..i want that again which is diffulcult to get by approaching girls in nite clubs…


so perhaps I need to join a club so I can do that.

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