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Moving in with bf of 9 months

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My boyfriend has been asking me to move in with him for the past two months, and I resisted. Now, I'm starting to move things in slowly.


Here's what I'm scared of:


I don't feel like 9 months is *that* long, really, and that it takes me a while before I get into that space where I *don't* want to have sex all the time, and *don't* want to give him attention (or require it), and *don't* treat every day like a special event.


I looked back on my previous relationships (long term, one of seven years, the others of two) and I was comfortable moving in with them. This is the first time that I don't want the honeymoon to end. While I *am* devoted and committed, I still see everything as "special".


It may be my own paranoia, but I'm feeling the start of it. He used to ask me if we had anything planned for a certain time before he planned to go on a bike ride. Now, he just says "I'm going for a ride tomorrow" even if we had a sex date planned.


And on that note, he used to whisk me to the bedroom at random times so we can have the best sex I've ever had. Now, even though it's frequent, and still just as high quality, it seems like it's relegated to times when he's conveniently in bed (i.e. waking up or going to sleep) which is fine, but what happens after that episode of Lost when he gets too sleepy? In fact, the proposition of sex is SO un-romantic now. "So, I'm really tired. What do you say we set the alarm for 8 am and have sex in the morning before I go to work?"


Maybe I'm just moving too slow. Maybe I'm not accepting the changes that naturally happen in a relationship. But, damn it, all I can do is extrapolate. All I have is my history, and I've *never* felt this unprepared. I also really mean it when I say that I've never been this attracted or emotionally attached, before.


I don't even know what I'm expecting to hear. Any thoughts or experiences are appreciated.

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Rediculous, honymoon is just a word, bring the power of your life back where it belongs namely into your hands, you are the one who can make things romantic or boring too, ever thought of contributing it yourself to continue to invest effort into making things romantic for both of you, have you ever communicated this to him? How did he respond? etc etc, so make sure you understand that life is what you make of it.

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