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What does he want?


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Resume: after 1 yrs and half of friendship where we became extremely close. The guy told me he loved me.. and from there we decided to be together.. but, since he go to school outside.. we coudnt meet right away.. so for about 3 weeks, we called, texted, talked on msn every day several time a day and we planned out meeting. Always acting like a couple from the time he said he loved me to the time we meet. But 3 days before I go there, he told me he was gonna meet his father (which i know he havent seen in a while so I dont take it bad and I am perfectly ok with it) and then I asked him when we should meet, he said it was better we didnt meet.. that he was about to be kicked out of school and needed to work on school project and that he didnt know when we could meet. I told him that i would wait for him and to give me news.

No news from him for a month.

Then he talked to me on msn, saying he got kicked out of school that things werent going well..


He then talked to me a little bit but not that much. Text and MSN mostly.


Until.. 3 weeks ago, where we started to talk more on msn, almost everyday.. being close.. but not in a romantic kind of way. Just close.


He told me he was bored and I offered him to use my account online to play a game so he have something to do when he is bored.. he then said, come play with me! and we started to spend a lot of time together.. texting and talking while playing that game.. laugh and have lots of fun together..


one night i told him good night and i added "xx *hugs*" after the good night and the next day he asked me why i did that.. and i told him well.. cause i wanted to? and he said he thought it was odd..


then.. (this is where i ask myself questions..)


He started to flirt with me.. like before..

saying how much he care for me and saying he would always be there for me, saying how he trust me more then anyone else and forever..


3 days ago.. (we don't know much about each other love life..) he said.. oh i met that girl.. and i wanna marry her.. and i was like what? who?! and he said.. a girl..

and i was hm ok.. but why you wanna marry her! like.. is it serious? and he was.. yeah! or else i woudnt be marrying her! and he asked me if i would go to the wedding.. and i said.. eh i dunno.. and he said well i got a bad news and a good news.. bad: i dunno yet who i am going to marry.. good: im not getting married!

(that was weird cause that thing came out of no where..) i said woah ok? you sure know how to play with my brain.. and he laughed..



he asked me about my love life, he was "so.. how is 's love life going?" and i said.. why do you wanna know? and he said.. dunno.. just something to talk about.. and i told him that i was on hold right now.. protecting myself and not in love with anyone.. (i still love him but he doesnt know) (or he knows but he is blind..) and i asked him about his.. but he didnt really answer.. he just said he was horny..


then he started to flirt with me BIG TIME, almost acting like i was his girl..


i just dont know what to think about all this..

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