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I found my passion in art and music! Will it get me anywhere?


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I'm really fascinated with music and I listen to all genres of music. From hiphop to rock music.Lately I've found me a hobby in music production and I'm really getting into it. I bought this software called Fruityloops where you can actually make professional sounding music. I've been messing around with it for months now and I'm really getting into it. It's the only hobby I have now except excercising. I was actually thinking about making a career out of music producing but then again I thought about how hard it is to make myself known. The possibilities of me becoming a very successful musician is pretty slim. I think I was living in a fantasy world for a minute. I have an ok singing voice too. I have to work on my vocals but I'm getting there. I've actually recorded some of my beats and songs on mp3. I'm thinking about setting a myspace music page with my picture LOL.


Right now I'm just by myself discovering who I am and I'm trying to tap into what I want out of life. I've found one hobby which is good because just a couple of months ago, I wasn't exactly sure what I wanted to do.I'm trying to think about other better options as music isn't really a good career choice. I mean what are the odds of me being successful? In the meanwhile I'll go to college to study something that would be more important to me but then I have to find out what that is? I'll still work on my music as a side hobby or career but I have to find something else. I'm very imaginative and artistic, I love to write and I like to draw. Back when I was younger I would make comic books too! So I think my career choice would probably be more in the entertainment industry. I'm also really good with computers so that's another option.


I find producing to be very fun and I'll spend hours just making beats on my computer and they sound pretty cool. I would actually like to work in a studio someday. Since I live in the Atlanta Georgia area, I have a better chance at finding places to get my music heard.Like I said I'm finding myself which is good and I'm so glad I at least found some hobby to keep me occupied. I'm just a little worried and confused as far as pursuing a career choice. I mean sure I like to write,sure I like to make music but the question is will I be successful if I pursue this? Can I be certain that in the next 10 years I won't be some bum on the street still trying to be heard, when I should have studied to be a doctor or a lawyer?

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To answer your question concerning this being a bum-proof plan, no one knows. That's what makes it especially scary to do something that's not the "normal" occupation choice.

I'm going to go out on a limb, and others may disagree with me, but I say if you love doing music, do it. Perhaps there is some formal education you can go after, as well, that will aid you in honing your skills. Seek out a mentor that you can observe and find in them encouragement to keep moving forward.

That's the best advice I got for you. And remember that not every doctor and lawyer are happy with their career choice...(this coming from a former dental student who quit school to become a writer)

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Can you be certain it will work out? No. Is it likely? Depends on two things: (1) how determined you are, and I mean *really* determined, 24/7, and (2) how good you are at *all* the things involved to make it successful, which includes getting to know the right people (sadly).


If you *really* want to do it, and you're confident of your abilities (as you seem to be), and you will do whatever it takes to be successful, then you are quite likely to succeed, even in that industry.


If you don't succeed x years down the line, don't worry about it; you can always do then what you would otherwise do now; opportunity for a new career doesn't stop at 21.


I was determined to be a professional classical musician (notoriously hard to make a living), and was for a while. Decided it wasn't all it was cracked up to be, and that instead I wanted to be a psychologist (don't ask!). Re-trained, did that, decided again that it was interesting, but actually I really wanted to be a neuroscientist (brain specialist). Re-trained, and I now do that. Never had a penny of financial support from friends/family/SO (or much support of any type from anyone, in truth), but it was still possible through ability and determination.


Live your dream. And if you find yourself waking up, go live another. And another. Let the dreams never end.

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totally agree with karvala, live dream after dream!

I am arty and into a bit of music too. I have always enjoyed art, and found it easy, and wanted a career in something arty. But I was pursuaded by my parents to study law. Here`s my story (FYI, I`m a sensitive old soul).

1. I wasn`t attracted to law in any way, but my parents convinced me it would provide a stable career. I was lost so I studied 3 out of 5 years, all of them exruciatingly boring, stifling, and surrounded by ratrace, commerce people.

2. I met a waiter in my 3rd year who gave me advice that I follow to this day: Let your heart tell you where you want to go and your mind work out how to get there. Not the other way around. It was then that I realised that if I continued and graduated with law, I would go work at a law firm. If I worked, I woul take the bar exam. At least another 5 years wasted following my mind unless I stopped going down this awful path now.

3. I ended up training and working as a teacher, still worried about financial security and being an artist was out of the question. But I realised I dind`t want to be a teacher, and at the age of 27 I am back home (OK, well partly because I`m suffering from depression and I haven`t been able to work these last 6 months).

4. I am now back to painting. I have something individual that I want to create and share with people which doesn`t yet exist. I am realising that it`s a waste of my spirit if I choose to stifle this, and if I`m going to pursue it I should do it wholeheartedly and see just how much beauty I can create.


A cartoonist I met in germany told me:

`I`m not a great cartoonist. But you know what, it`s not the best that make it, it`s the ones with the most perseverence. You begin with 100 people asipiring to be cartoonists. 3 years later only 50 people are still trying, everyone else has given up and gone onto some regular job. 10 years later, you`re one of the few that stuck by their guns and can make a living out of it`


Obviously doesn`t apply to everything...but from my point of view there are two kinds of people. Those who are creative, and those who aren`t. Those who aren`t are happy working for someone, seeing life as job/leisure. I know many people like that. Those who are creative like to pursue their own path, whatever field that may be in, and they see life always as an exciting pusling thing. So I think you just have to be careful not to let the uncreative ones tell you to settle for something that they are comfortable with - because they can`t see what you can. I believe that odds don`t mean anything if you are determined enough. And if you really enjoy something, or become passionate about it, you have effortless determination. I say, surround yourself with positive, encouraging people (these are the people who will be the difference to whether you make it or not, because they will string your determination the times you run out), and go for it.

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Thanks everyone!! This encouragement helps alot. I like to write and produce music and it's so much fun for me. I think I will follow my heart like you guys said. Everyone on this earth was here to do something and I think it has to be with entertaining others with my writing and my music which is cool.


Right now I've been busy just focusing on me and I've actually gotten into writing again which is good also!

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