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this is the first time I've ever posted here but, I thought I would give it a try.


So, I'm seventeen, I've never had a a B.F, never been kissed and I graduate in May. I plan on attending college too, sometimes I feel like guys just don't like me - like I may not be attractive enough and the only person I ever liked stopped liking me and it made me feel good when he did but, now he has a g.f and I called him out of friendliness and he didn't pick up so he left a vocie mail on my cell and it was rude. My self-confidence is not so hot, I feel too chubby and I don't know if I'm wasting anyones time or if they think I'm just some lame teenager but, sometimes I wonder if a guy will ever see anything in me.


Thank you for taking time to read.

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Don't feel so bad, your not alone..Your still very young unlike me, I am 28 yrs old and still today I never had gf or never kissed a girl yet. When I was 17 I didn't worry to much about it because I was still young and my late teens and eary 20's were coming up, but time flew by so fast. I wish I was 17 again!! Now 11 years later I am getting worried.

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I was you once. Don't settle, focus on college, you'll be happier.


This is exactly what I was going to say: DON'T SETTLE!!!!


Trust me, you're still very young and I know because I'm only 20... I KNOW how hard it is not to have a boyfriend and such... I'm sure you're a beautiful girl and any guy would be very very lucky to have you.


Look at it this way: would you rather

a. find a boyfriend NOW who doesn't respect you and love you for YOU


b. take the time to really get to know someone, someone who will get to know the REAL you and be truly happy?


Romance happens when you least expect it.

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I agree. I know the feeling though, it's human nature to feel longing to be close to another person, to someone who gets you, who clicks with you, who you want to spend time with.


But I've written notes around my room to motivate me a bit. Carpe Diem, or Seize the Day. There could be something waiting on your doorstep but you do not know it yet. All you have to do is make sure you know it when you see it.


If you feel physically unattractive, head to the gym. I know it might sound weird, but my personal experience is "If it's not to look good, at least it's healthy!" I find myself happier knowing that I'm treating my body to good things rather than bad, and it helps my self-confidence, too.

Maybe it could work the same for youself? You don't have to go crazy. Just hit the bike a few times a week, get your heart pumping


Have faith that you are an excellent person. Be proactive in who you are and keep improving upon on the great core of traits and interests that you have.


And I agree with jen on this one. I found love when I wasn't looking for it when it came around the first time.

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