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Question for the girls...


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I've recently ended a relationship and I'm not looking to get back in to the dating scene right away - but had a question for when that time comes.


I live in an area where attractive girls are just everywhere you go... like any downtown area in a larger city would.


I don't mind going up and speaking to women, but one of the issues I have is that I just don't think they want to be bothered -- say when picking up dinner at the grocery store, or at the bank... plain & simple.


How do you feel about somebody coming up to you and saying hello in your normal routine? Not a pick-up line, an honest what's up I think you're attractive kind of thing... Generally, would this annoy you?


Sometimes it's easy to strike up a conversation... say you're in a line or something funny happens... but at other times there aren't really any good reasons to talk except that you want to meet - those are the times I'm talking about.


Anyway, how would you prefer to be approached? Are you completely turned off by a random approach. Hopefully this can be answered in a general way, I know everybody is different.



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for me... no random conversation would not normally work... especially if it was a typical pick-up line... if I thought he was attractive... said something to make me laugh.. I may think about it.. so yeah I guess it could work sometime...


but most of the time not.. especially if some random guy in the supermarket says "hey... how you doing... boy these carrots sure don't look as good as last weeks'

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You just have to play it by feel, you look at indicators such as body language to determine if she does not want to be bothered. If you are going to do the normal day routine thing then you have to relate your conversation to what is taking place otherwise it seems that you are just trying to pick her up. It takes practice and you are going to fail at it but you will learn the more you do it.

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