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I want to KILL my best friend

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My best friend is starting to REALLY get on my nerves again. Thought that after a few months of NOT talking to him and stuff like that, that we ironed out our differences and that he was going to respect me more and be good to me. Yeah right, my BUTT. What a jerk. He spins me around and around and expects me to jump. Yeah right.


Case in point. TODAY. I've been up by my parents for the last few days to take care of some things with my mother. I was going to go back down to SD this afternoon because I want space from my parents again. 7 AM this morning, my friend calls me and tells me that they're on their way to Las Vegas and if I can come out to join them and I can stay with them, etc., etc. I was reluctant to do it, but T convinced me that he needed me and that we could hang out and do things since his bf and the parents usually went to bed early. T didnt tell me that his bf had no idea I was coming out. After much wheedling from T, I give in. I dont mind driving the 4 hour drive and I havent seen T in quite a while and like hanging out with him.


So I cut short my visit to my parents and leave around 10 AM this morning and head out to Vegas. Halfway out there, like about 2 hours into the freaking drive, T calls me in a huff telling me NOT to go out there since his bf is pissed I am coming out to meet up with them. I am like what the HELL??? I am already past Barstow the halfway point and you want WHAT??????


We fight and argue for about 20 minutes and he pleads with me NOT to come out to meet up with him out there. Meanwhile I AM DRIVING while arguing and almost get into an accident. Dang dipcrap. Argue, argue, argue.


After exhausting myself arguing and having him hang up on me a few times, I GIVE UP. He can go to hell. I turn around and drive the freaking 2 hours BACK to my parents house. My parents think I am nuts.


I am NUTS.



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I love ya' Ren. You're too much


Let's face it, you and T have this unique bond. Nothing is going to come between that. Everything has it's ups and downs--including this unique friendship. I know you're annoyed with T...but ask yourself this--who are you more annoyed with right now- you or T? I ask you this because I am thinking (and I could be wrong here) that you're more mad at yourself for jumping to T's whims?


Don't beat yourself up on this one Ren. You're a good egg with a heart of gold.

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Ren, you have been having a lot of problems with this friendship for a while.


Doesn't seem like your friend is taking your feelings in for consideration. I know if that happened to me, that so called "friend" won't be hearing from me for a loooooooong time.


Plus, how come T doesn't seem to have a spine when it comes to his bf?? Seems like he does this quite often.

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I think I am a bit annoyed at myself for falling for T's antics again. I've been pretty good about standing up to him and not taking his crap lately, to the point of telling him to not call me when he's having his tantrums.


I do care about T a lot but sometimes, he's too much and I forget that he has a tendency to be VERY wishy-washy when it comes to his bf.


I'm just tired and worn out from all the driving.

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If I had driven out there completely, it would have turned into a fiasco. For one thing, I was just supposed to drive out there and call him and he would let me know where to meet. I do know where they were staying but to show up like that would cause a mess and his bf would take it out on him and on me.


I was already arguing with him on the phone today and at one point I was stopped at a gas station and wandering around the parking lot yelling at him. I didnt want to create a scene out there.


I'm pooped and angry right now.


Funny thing is, the last thing T told me was "dont be mad, we'll be home EARLY tomorrow so you can stop by". Tomorrow, I am going home down to SD early in the morning. T can go shove it up his ***.

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Funny thing is, the last thing T told me was "dont be mad, we'll be home EARLY tomorrow so you can stop by". Tomorrow, I am going home down to SD early in the morning. T can go shove it up his ***.


LOL...I think your friend T is completely delusional. If it were me, Oh I'll stop by all right. I'll stop by so I can drop off my gas bill and kick him in the shin.

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I love it, Ren, I love it. Give 'im hell. He deserves it.


My God that boy sounds like a chicken with his head cut off! Quite the character that needs a slap so he can wake up from his hysterics.


Somehow I see this guy being in your life for a while, yeah, that bond, and he probably has some good in him or else I doubt you would care about him the way you do.


Keep calling him on his bs! He'll either get it one day or he won't. Either way you'll be great.



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V, I DONT have spine. If I had spine, I would have told him to shove it this morning when he was convincing me to drive out to Las Vegas. I had a sneaking inkling that he was going to pull some crap on me, but I was in an ok mood today and decided to give him the benefit of the doubt. YEAH RIGHT!!!!!


I'm VERY surpised that I didnt just finish the drive out there and strangle him out there in front of his bf and the bf's parents.


But, I'm a nice person.


TOO NICE sometimes.

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Itsallgrand, I didnt really CALL him on his BS. I ended up arguing with him and yelling at him about why he made me drive out half way before telling me he was afraid of his bf getting mad at him..


The only conducive thing I did tell him was to stuff it when it had to do with "waiting around and meeting him tomorrow". I cant deal with it anymore. My parents are wondering why I'm back and I cant be mad at their house. T's disappeared and wont call me back.


I just wanna cry and bang my head against the wall.

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Had a "friend" like that before.

I had a spine and I was a monster, so after he pissed me out one day (he wanted us to be friends - we were for 7 years -but he didn't want for his future wife to know that?!) so I simply yelled at him on the phone to drop dead!

He never called again!



So, if mister great calls again - I am shure you know where to hit the way it will hurt him the most.

After knowing him for so long, I bet you know the magical few words that will make him sooooo insulted he will choose to avoid you till the rest of your life.


This thing he's done was awfull and I would never tolerate that!

He should ask his bf first, but since he didn't and you were already on your way to meet them it was their obligation to meet with you, and to discuss that later.

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