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Need advice or suggestions. im kinda lost.?

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my ex and i been broken up for few months now. we been talking here and there. we slept once too after we broke up. i ask my ex what happens now? he said he would try again get back but he is afraid things wil happen again. he wants to take things slow and start out fresh. he still wants to see me and go on dates. but why do i feel like its not gonna work? what if we both meet someone else... i guess it'l just be fate then... he really cares for me n stuff... do u guys think this will work out if we take things slowly.


we both agree to take things slow but my question is...will it work out? will they b a chance for us to get back together again?

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Well, the chances of you getting back together permanently and it working are completely up to you and how well things go.


I would definatly agree that taking things slowly is the ONLY way to go and that you two seem to have discussed things enough.


Just make sure that the terms for restarting things are set BEFORE you two get comfy.


Make a definate list of things that HAVE to be different in order for it to work. Things that you compromise on and things that he compromises on and things that you meet in the middle on.


Good Luck!

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