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Wanna Take A Photography Class...

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I decided I would like to take up Photography. I've always loved it...especially black and white pics. My FAVE.

I have a lot of the equipment.......An awesome Nikon 35mm...telephoto lenses, tripod...but I know a lot of things are digital now.


Does anyone know much about this? Would it be better to go digital? I'm sure I'll find all this out in the class...just wanna be prepared.


Oh and is it worth it to take the class?

Any feedback would be helpful.

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Photography is fun, but it's one of those professions which makes it hard to actually find a job. Also, not sure if it's true, but I read from a book that photographer's assistants are paid, literally, nothing.


It would probably be better to do photography as a hobby and maybe sell pictures as a secondary income-source.


I've never taken a photography class, but I would say it would be better to go digital.


Hope I helped ^_^

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Digital cameras and point and shoots both have their plus and negatives. I'd say stick with the equipment you already own and are familiar with.


And a class sounds like a good place to learn more about your interest. Books, articles and experience all bring knowledge but having someone who can help you is invaluable and can save you a lot of time and tears.

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if you want to go digital and since you are using a nikon.. i would by the nikon 50D or 70D or 80D. They are solid consumer market performers.

Why buy digital?

As you are learning about photography the advantage of digital is instant replay. You will be able to learn and correct your mistake on the spot. That itself is a big plus.

Another advantage is cost. There is no cost to see your shots. IF you use film you will begin to realise the cost of producing the negatives.

There is so much advantage to digital but i still love the film.


In the end, if you have the budget and you want to learn faster i would recommend digital.

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I'm excited for you! That sounds like a whole lot of fun.


I don't know much about photography, only took a short class. I LOVED working from 'scratch' though, which involved some black and white.

To me, part of the appeal was working in a dark room and building from the bottom so to speak. Learning the basics.


Sounds like you already have a head start and know quite a bit.


What is your purpose in taking the class? Fun? Possible employment later?


If it's for fun, I say go Old School all the way if you haven't before! lol. When it comes to the business of photog and the commercial aspect, this girl don't know, but it is interesting to listen.

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I learned so much from the few classes I ever took in photography. How to use my equipment properly, lighting, etc...


Freedom makes a good point about learning from your mistakes with a digital, but from my experience NOTHING resolves like regular film.


There is just something less than quality about digital shots. I can always tell the difference.


My favorite camera is my Canon EOS 3000N with a digital shutter.

It takes the best black and whites ever.

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I would go digital. You can buy a higher end more professional type DSLR camera like a nikon (like a D80) or Canon (EOS) but these are expensive cameras and not the easist to learn on.


I think if you are starting out a midrange digital camera is better. Something around 7-8 megapixels is good. You can get these for around $500.


A major difference between the more pro type cameras (dslr) and the less costly ones is that on the pro cameras you wont be able to use the lcd screen when taking your pictures. You will be using the little viewfinder.


I found it helpful to start out with a camera that allowed me to practice framing my shots on the bigger lcd screen.


Regular film cameras take great more indepth color pictures but obviously its much more costly especially when starting out.

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You are right as far as cost.


I was thinking more along the lines of that if you are taking a class where in the teacher will be teaching you to use the equipment you have, you might as well start out with what you want to end up with so you can be taught to use it instead of with something easy you could have figured out on your own.


Did that make sense to anyone but me? lol I need sleep.... rofl

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Defintely go digital. You should still be able to use you Nikon lenses on a Nikon digital body.


If you are going to take a class be careful it is pitched where you want it. Basic classes are very basic and I think you cna get that from a decent photography book or even from online forums. If you are past that, look for classes that deal with composition or lighting or exposure only. They are likely to be far more in depth.

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Oh take the class. It'll be fun. Photography is really a do it yourself business. You love black and white, well that's your niche. Create a website, and start it in addition to your regular job (if you want to pursue it as a career). Advertise yourself, check out local photographer rates so you can set yourself comprably. Get options of your work so you'll know how you appear (too amateur, looks professional, etc.). Good luck.

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