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The past.. to haunt me?

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Is it wrong to just one day wake up and have the urge to get rid of all my old relationship crap? Like cards, pictures, things they gave me... all that... wanting to throw it in the garbage. Not that there was something that sparked anger or anything of that sort... but just waking up knowing that I am in a better relationship/the best relationship I have ever been in. I guess I just realized even after all this time that this was due to happen. I just wanted to know if anyone else has had this feeling before but was civil about it.

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I usually want to get rid of that stuff right away. It only brings up bad memories and things said that werent true.


But I can understand also if you kept stuff around just wanting to put the past behind you for good because you realize what you have is so much better.


I guess thats the good thing about time it gives you that perspective.

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I've only had two major relationships in my life. The first relationship, I am still good friends with the ex so I still have pics of him and all that. The second relationship, I kept most of the stuff from my ex (his gifts and his cards and his artwork) just for memory's sake. Although, I lost more than half his gifts because they were stolen along with the rest of my stuff when I first moved out here.


I think people keep stuff because it was a stage in their life that maybe, down the road, they may want to look back at it and reflect on it.

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I keep presents. I tend to rip up photos, but not all.


I've never broken up with someone on a sour note, but if I had, then I'd chuck everything out (except for games and DVDs xD)


It's not unusual to want to get rid of old memories to make way for the new ones. It's a good step to getting over someone =)

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