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I am so confused...


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Alright... I'll try to make this long story as short as possible...


I was only with one man from the time I was thirteen, until I was seventeen... Problem was, he spent time with other people while he was with me. I loved him more than anyone or anything I had ever loved. I still do. And I know he loved me, he was just really screwed up. (He was abused as a child, among lots of other emotional issues) ...Any girl he ever dated (besides the ever-continuous dating of me) He broke up with, or they broke up with him within 6-months to a year, or less.


But anyway, last year he was dating someone who wanted him to stop talking to me. So he did. (And regretted it) ...I was heart broken and distraught, but I got through it. A couple months after the whole issue, I met a man that I found myself attracted to. We started dating, and within a couple months, moved in together. I was so happy... Until things changed. The man that I am presently dating just suddenly changed.


For the past two months, I have been working full time (forty hours a week), while attempting to get a part time job to fill in on my days off. (To pay the bills) He, on the other hand, barely gets 24 hours a week, and spends the rest of his time sleeping, playing video games/watching tv, or "wanting loving from me" ...Which, I understand, he's a guy. But he used to help me out with things, get up when I asked him to. Now he just whines about how messy our place is, how we have no money, and how much his job sucks.


Then, when I try to give suggestions on how to make things better, (like possibly getting his permit or license, since he can't drive.) he gives me all these excuses why he can't or won't, and yells at me for second guessing him... I broke up with him about a two weeks ago, for all these reasons... But he came back crying, and told me he needed me, that he'd change, that things would get better. So, I gave him one last chance.


And... He's better about being mean to me, but the job thing hasn't changed... He smokes pot about once a month or so, and is afraid that a job might "test" him... So that's his excuse now.


But the problem isn't just all this crap... The problem is, I don't think I love him anymore... Most of the time, I can't stand when he's near me, or touching me. I don't feel any love when we have sex anymore... I just feel disgusting, sick, and used. I can hardly stand to look at him. Am I just going through a phase? Will this get better? Should I just break it off now? I care about him, a lot. I don't want to see him hurt, or hurt him... But I can't fight this sick feeling in my stomach... There's this part of me that almost hates him too.


Any advice? I'm sorry for the long post, I just wanted everyone to get an idea of where I was coming from... Thank you for anyone who reads this, and posts.


(By the way, my man is 26. I am 18.)

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The problem is that you are a doormat.


People cheat,lie ,abuse, walk over you back and forward, rub their feet in you, and you are like ' ok, that's perfectly fine with me. BUT ITS NOT!!!! ok.


You need to be like a castle gate, close yourself to bad people/things/events , if you let the enemy into your castle they will only ruin the place. So only let good people/things/events in your life. Don't contribute to your own destruction by letting evil inside your own castle.


As far as your bf goes, what a lazy bag he doesn't want you back because you mean dear to him, he wants you bag so you can do the chores around the house. He wants you to mother him, so he can play video games. He has it made, works only 24 hour and goes home being lazy.


This is where you say ' STOP, to here and no further ' Goto him and present him a list of chores that have to be done, not just him doing them , in a relationship we do things equal or to our best ability, so he does this task ,that task and that task, and you do that task , this task and that task. Say that you work 40 hours, and that you aren't home enough to do all these things, either he works along and contributes or you move out. Stand on your stripes, dont' let people walk over you ever again.

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If this man is not willing to put himself out for you and actually make a damn effort, then what is he worth to you?


You can't stand him touching you. That means it is DEFINITELY time to move on for good. You only have one life, my friend. Don't spend it with someone you hate. You'll only regret it when you're older.

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