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Why do men treat women this way


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I have posted many times before and finally ended it with my significant other. We had been together for almost 7 years and in the past 6 months he started treating me horribly. Couldn't deal with so decided the best thing was to leave. Before that he never treated me this way couldn't understand his change in behavior towards me. He would make plans with me then screw me over, lie all the time, never call me back...say he was going to and never do it and act like no big deal. It got to the point where we hardly spent any time together. To me this was odd after being together 7 years and he had bought an engagement ring. We had other issues as you can see in my other posts about his dogs. He would tell me that he loved me but didn't know if he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me. Well that is enough for me...so we have been apart for a couple of weeks now. I just don't understand the change in him and how he could tret me this way. I had not been taking his calls. He left me a message yesterday I called him back..he told me he would call me back and never did. I saw him out last night and he was going to a concert with firends and said i will call you when it's over..never called. I called him this morning and asked why you say you are going to call and never do....it makes no sense. Why do people act this way or treat people this way.

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For the past 6 months does he experience a sudden behaviourial changes? Is he like that to not just you but including everyone else?


If yes, may be he is suffering for depression.


If no, he might be too chicken to break up with you. So he does this act so that you will dump him.


This is my 2 cents.

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he might be too chicken to break up with you. So he does this act so that you will dump him.



Sorry but i really agree with this statement. If you had been together so long and were planning a wedding, i imagine you were close to each others family's, friends etc. I dont know why, but people change. He might have used this cowards way out so he didnt seem like the bad guy to everyone.


Im sorry your going through this as it leaves you with no closure. I wouldnt contact him again, let him realise what he's lost and if he says he will call, take it with a pinch of salt. He's probably telling you that he will call to get himself out of an awkward situation.

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Hello Ml,


Perhaps you should find out abt the state of his work and other things going on w him such as family, friends, hobby etc. Some guys tend to bottle things up and react rashly to their gfs while others will confide and find comfort to ease their heart thru their gfs. In this case hes not being very nice to you. Has the way u usually treated him changed too?


If he said he called and didnt call, that means you obviously wasnt on his mind all the time. When i tell my gf i would call, even if i am dead tired i would give at least a hello, i love you and goodbye for a minute.


He says he loves you but not sure if he wants to spend the rest of his life with you. There could be other things that he needs to settle first before actually settling down w you or youre just not the one hes looking for....we can love anyone we want but only the special loved one is the one we want to spend the rest of our life together.


Talk to him nicely into this, if he reacts angrily or ignores you, just do your own thing girl, dont let his anger control the relationship. Its really no point in you giving and no taking.


Good luck.

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I'd bet he no longer wishes to be in the relationship and chooses to ignore you and treat you disrespectfully rather than just ending it in a more respectful way.


Given how long you have been together, I'd hope you would be able to discern if he was having major life or family problems. Unless you can provide evidence to the contrary, I suspect he just wants out. Sadly, many people end relationships this way without talking about it. Not fair at all, but it happens often.

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I'd say that he's taking the cowards way out. Stop trying to communicate with him. Haven't you learned from the last six months that he is unreliable? So stop relying on him and stop being let down by his unreliability! Because it's predictable and you deserve better so cut your losses...

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I disagree with alot of those posts, you say he calls you from time to time

which means he must have some feelings for you but hes having problems with himself


but I really dont wanna make any assumptions until I know some things first:

1. is he an indecisive person?

2. does he get nervous when faced head on?

3. do you talk about this stuff with him alot of not so much?

4. was this treatment sudden? gradual?

5. does he change his mind alot?

6. did anything drastic happen in your relationship?

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plain and simple...people change. nobody can explain why, it just happens. it is possible that he met someone else and that leaving you was the best thing to do. this could be why he doesn't call. i'm not trying to make you feel bad. it's just possible.


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